Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Recommendation from Colleague 1

Sharna and I have collaborated together as colleagues in the Social Studies Department teaching Middle East history to seniors and as colleagues who benefit from sharing materials, discussing curriculum and daily challenges when they arise.  I have found Sharna to be a very thorough, and mindful teacher, whose experience as an instructor of literature and English language carry over to her teaching of social studies.  For example, I have adopted some of her strategies for working with complex texts.  In Middle East history, she encouraged the use of a New York Times magazine article, “Fractured Lands” by Scott Anderson which became the basis of an extended project that was highly successful. Similarly her creative contextualized assessment  in which students role played analysts advising a female CEO on where to establish business headquarters in the Arab World was a fun, challenging and collaborative assignment that gave students another window into understanding the economics and politics of the region, which I have adopted. At the same time, she is ready to learn, adopt and adapt materials from my repertoire into her own. Sharna is ever ready to take on new challenges as she demonstrated by teaching International Relations.  Helpful, supportive with a wealth of talent, Sharna is a great colleague whom I have enjoyed working with both as a Department Chair and as a fellow teacher.  Sharna is also the president of our Teachers’ Association and does an efficient job calling and running meetings, disseminating minutes and being sensitive to the needs of many different stakeholders.

Abby Chill

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