Sunday, May 10, 2015

Empowering students to learn and publish their findings

We are senior high school students, studying at an American, international school, in Israel (WBAIS). As part of our middle east history curriculum, we are reading Side By Side, by Sami Adwan, Dan Bar-On, Eyal Naveh, and PRIME Institute. This book is being used as part of our study of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in tandem with in class videos from multiple sources such as Crash Course, and the likes of  For Critical Thinkers. We were given an assignment, to review your video, “Conflict in Israel and Palestine: Crash Course World History 223”, and using the book, Side By Side, find pieces of information that may be missing in the video, that could be critical for further discussion of the conflict.

We hope to hear back from you or your team with feedback on our suggestions.


Signed: Yael Ella (Israel), Michael Rivo (Israel), Sang Woo (South Korea), Holly Madore (Canada), Noa Zilkha (Israel), Asaf N (Israel), Raphael Chew (Singapore), Isaac Castellanos (USA), Elisa (USA), Ms. Sharna Marcus (USA).

UPDATE: After the students sent this they received a thoughtful response from the writer and narrator of For Critical Thinkers - Richard Bass. He offered to Skype with them, but it was a couple of days before graduation and we couldn't make it work with the time difference. The students were floored that their feedback really mattered to someone of his caliber. It was a proud moment for them and a great way to end the year.