Tuesday, February 28, 2017

LOTOL: Vocabulary Quiz

Here is an email I sent out to my students today. We spoke in class about how to be successful on vocabulary quizzes. I wanted the student to generate ideas as, although I write the tests, I do not take them.

Hi C and D Blocks,

In G Block today, I thought to ask students who were successful on the vocabulary quizzes what their secrets were. Here is what they said: 

1. Use a pencil
2. Right before the test, study only the words that you don't know. 
3. First, go through the vocabulary quiz and only answer and cross out the words that you are absolutely sure of. 
4. (This is different from #3) Write the words first under the lines and then when you are sure that it's correct, place it above the line. If you're unsure, write the different choices under the line. 
5. Use the exercises that are provided on the Macbeth Vocabulary PDF
6. Use Quizlet, but not exclusively. 

Good luck!

Ms. Marcus

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