Monday, December 12, 2016

Peer Feedback on Major Assignment

Peer feedback is controversial, but it's something in which I very much believe.

Today, I had students fill out a BINGO like card when viewing their peers' work. This is for an assignment for International Relations.

The students would spend 10 minutes looking at their peers' papers and for each square, they would award their peers either a green, yellow, or red sticker (green= good, yellow = needs work, red = isn't there).

I was very excited about this activity. However, many students were not at the point in the writing where they could adequately participate. Instead of forcing them to do so, I split the class in half and allowed the students who needed to keep writing to write, and the students who were ready for peer editing, to peer edit.

Normally, I would be more strict, but this is an elective class and it is the week before finals.

The students who did participate received great feedback and are continuing the editing process.

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