Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Writing Differentation

I'm trying something out. On my 10th Grade Writing Essay Expectations, I am grading students out of the skills that they have and working towards the ones that they don't. They are not aware of the differences in grading, and allows the process to be fair. For example, if I have a student who can only include (and I don't mean correctly, just use) 20 of the writing expectations, then I will grade them out of those 20. If another student can use 25, their percentage will be out of 25. In addition, I am adding specific expectations for the next test for each students. This test I did not grade you on varying your word choice, but next time I will and we will work on that skill before the next class. This allows me to individualize the feedback (and instruction) and retain the integrity and fairness of the assignment.

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