Monday, February 1, 2016

Absent Students and Publishing Course Notes

Every teacher has absent students as well as present ones. Although in my head I know that I should prioritize the present ones, and I do, I can't care less about a student's learning because he/she is not there. In fact, with some students, I am more concerned and worried about their physical and emotional well being if they are not making it to school. 

What I have decided to do this year is to have a Google Doc per unit with the notes from each lesson and the learning targets. By the end of the unit, the document will be obnoxiously long, but I think it's preferable to posting multiple links on Moodle. Also, sometimes, when preparing for an exam, the students do not remember when they missed and for sure do not know the topics.  This document is a "one stop shop." 

It's a constant struggle in terms of my own time management. But I think that this is the best way to ensure that students missing for good reasons are able to catch up.

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